[companion quest] lost teddy

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[companion quest] lost teddy

Post by blazingsentinal on 20.02.12 17:51

heres my idea for how a companion quest could work:

when your walking around ellesmara (or any of the elf citys for that matter) you can happen across an elf child crying, if you talk to them they will tell you that they have lost their teddy bear. so you can either be an ass hole and say "why should i care?" or you can offer to help. if you offer to help the will mark a cave on your map where they last saw their bear (the cave won't be a dungeon it will just be a rocky overhang in the woods), when you get there their will be a teddy bear in the cave as well as a real bear, when you approach the cave the bear will wake up and attack you, now two things can happen

1. you defeat the bear and the child runs up to crying even more saying that you killed their teddy and then goes and crys next to the body
2. if you dont kill the bear after one minute the child will run up to you again and the bear will bound over to the child and sit down next to them, the child will then talk to you and say thank you for finding their "teddy" and tell you that the bear has told them he likes you and wants to come with you and you get the bear as a companion.

the bear will work like meeko or any of the other dogs but will have a strong attack and will be called "teddy".

so what do you guys think?
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Re: [companion quest] lost teddy

Post by AnonDraco on 20.02.12 18:01

i like Very Happy
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