[Quest] Beauty and the Beast

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[Quest] Beauty and the Beast

Post by AspenShadow on 27.02.12 14:56

There have been a string of mysterious deaths and odd noises coming from the cave dwelling of a young hermit woman, she has been labelled as a dangerous witch because of this, but until there's proof of magic involved the guards aren't to interfere outside of the town boundaries. You are begged by the relatives of a victim, OR eventually a guard is one of the ones killed and you're tasked to investigate, OR you can even just 'hear' of a witch conducting dangerous rituals near [Insert Town Name] and go and investigate.

- - -
Here is where I'd like to introduce a new quest mechanic I've been rolling round, it's my belief that in Alagaesia you're not given all the quest details.
In Alagaesia information is sketchy, biased and changes depending on who you talk to, if you're asked to assassinate a rabid urgal roaming the wilds near Randemplase by a guy with a banner across his head that says "I Hate Urgals" then it might be best to gather some more information before doing anything. Not from blantant sources, but by sitting in a tavern and 'overhearing' (the Skyrim mechanic that overhearing a guard talking about something triggers a new/updated quest) a trader saying he came across a banished Urgal out in the wilds looking for adventure.
Sometimes you're literally just given a place or a name and told they need the help of a Rider, sometimes they may not even want your help and you may have to help them in secret or disguise. More times when you have to talk, bribe, intimidate, persuade to glean quest information from people should be included; Skyrim was sadly lacking in that you could easily get through the whole game without a single point of Speech skill as a public figure (Rider) this should be even more important.
At a certain level you can rip information from their minds, but if you're caught you'll face a hefty fine and a loss of reputation with all races...
- - -

If you've only heard that she's a dangerous witch and must be eliminated immediatedly:
Then depending on the amount of bodies stack up (game time passed) you can either [1] organise the villagers into a witch hunt, OR if they're too scared then you'll have to [2] go it alone.

If you've overheard some rumours and people in-the-know who believe magic has no part in this:
Then you can watch the cave and when the girl leaves to get water from the creek, you can [3] sneak in and investigate, OR you can [4] confront the girl in the cave and ask about the deaths.

The young hermit woman has been secretly raising an unknown savage creature she found in the cave for years and it has recently started getting to big to live off the meats the girl frequently steals from the local butcher, it needs bigger game and it's been leaving the cave and killing villagers wandering in the woods. The girl is not innocent in this either she brought a childhood friend to see the creature and panicked when her friend said she'd have to tell someone, the young hermit ended up murdering her friend and burying her in the pit she houses the creature in. Next -->

[1]: When the mob reaches the cave, the young girl is bordering on madness with stress and distraught she begs for her life in front of you and the mob pleading that it wasn't her, the yelling awakens the creature in a pit further into the cave and it comes charging out in defence of it's territory and you'll have to kill the creature in front of the mob trying to limit civilian casualties, after its dead the town guards arrest the girl and the mob returns.

[2]: Sneak into the cave at night to investigate and poison/otherwise kill the girl you believe to be a witch before leaving victorious.

[3]: When you sneak into the cave, you get trapped in the pit and have to kill the creature who's death-throes are loud enough to bring the girl running back to the cave, she accuses you of killing her 'harmless' friend and runs off crying into the forest.

[4]: When you arrive the girl informs you that she never meant for any of this to happen and she was sorry that she couldn't let us leave, calling for the beast, it comes to her side and after failing to convince her to get away from it in time (she was convinced of it's loyalty and domestication to her) it rips her to shreds in a momentary lapse of loyalty/bloodlust, before charging you.

The reward can either be: a large sum of money paid to you by the guards for killing the beast, the relatives of the dead give you an heirloom or old belonging that served them well, or perhaps one of the town craftsmen will train you a number of levels in a craft of your choice?

Questions? Suggestions? Thoughts?
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Re: [Quest] Beauty and the Beast

Post by Nolo99TB on 27.02.12 21:42

Good good good good good But im getting a vibe that she might be related to Ceicro lol!

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Re: [Quest] Beauty and the Beast

Post by MCBM on 29.02.12 10:34

I like the quest idea very much, and we could do it.

As for the system in the mod, as in info being sketchy and unclear, yeah it could add much more fun, but people noadays like simplicity. It's a sad fact that some people won't play Morrowind, for example, because it's not simple.

Some quests will have overhearing, for instance but most of them will have to be more simple.

As for the rest of the ideas, I like them very much. If everyone else agrees I'll include them




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Re: [Quest] Beauty and the Beast

Post by tsx1096 on 29.02.12 15:03

I like it

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Re: [Quest] Beauty and the Beast

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