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Post by 1_Lolon_2 on 19.01.13 12:30

Hi everybody!
Like many people around I happened to be scrolling through the Steam workshop when I came across this amazing idea. I was reading Eragon at the time so I jumped at the prodgect. Unfortunately, I could do nothing to help at the time because I had not furneshed my 3d skills and skyrim was running at 0.5fps. That was some time ago.
Now I have a big prodgect underway and working quite a bit to reach the end in the near future, my Blender skills has widened to a great extent, but when I take my mind of The BrightBlack it always seeps into the Alagaesia mod. So I found the forums.
I did a bit of digging and found what I could contribute: creating new race models. Only, amid my exilaration to add to this mod, I did not notice that the last development post was under a year ago. When I came to and discovered this fact I franticly searched for any disbanding post, though found none much to my confusion.
As I write now I pass this problem as either an error or the development forum is redirected to somewhere else, not a break-up of the prodgect. Why can an iron plan fall apart I think? So I continue to contribute you concepts and good praise and lets hope my prediciment does not come a reality.
Thank's for keeping up with this post.


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