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Dragon Riding Script Empty Dragon Riding Script

Post by saker277 on 04.02.12 1:29

With the impending release of the CK fast approaching i think it is finally time to start this topic. Once the CK is out i will begin work on the dragon riding script. I may be slow to start due to the need to learn the new language, papyrus, but once i have it down i feel that i am up to the task.

I think that instead of only being able to mount from the side, like the horses in TES, you should be able to mount from several points of the dragon by climbing up the legs/tail/neck ect. until our official dragon model is made though all of my testing will be based on the mounting of a vanilla dragon which i will later have to alter to fit the sexier alagaesia dragons.

In the long run i want to design a whole new AI to replace the skyrim dragon AI because skyrim is very lacking in the "I" part of the acronym. I will deffinately need help with the AI because i don't even know where to start with it, but that will be something i work on after the dragon riding is done.

Once i learn papyrus the first thing i will work on is mounting those dragons, i would love it if our mod is the first to do it Very Happy
Anyone who would like to help is more than welcome, i will need all the help i can get for this to live up to what it is in my imagination.(Sorry AspenShadow no short novel, maybe later once i know what i am doing)

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Dragon Riding Script Empty Re: Dragon Riding Script

Post by MCBM on 05.02.12 16:25

That sounds cool.

Shouldn't we combine this with animations though? Currently the team has no animators.

However its really cool that we can do this, I wish you luck Very Happy

Unfortunately I cant help, considering Im as useless in scripting as a rock




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