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NucularBanana's concepts in the future Empty NucularBanana's concepts in the future

Post by NucularBanana on 01.04.12 1:23

Heyo! So throughout the next week I'll be editing this post and adding various concept-art that I'm working on. Here's a list of upcoming stuff:
-Islingr (Vrangr)
-Various other weapons that haven't been named

-Islanzadi (Fairth)
-Brom (In his diamond grave)
-Glaedr (I know he's technically dead but we could work his body into the game. Perhaps as a statue in Ellesmera)
-Umaroth (Statue)
-Various other colored dragons

And there's waaay more to come once I can think of it. If I've missed anything important please reply down below and let me know.


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